Temp to Perm staffing

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Temp-to-perm (temporary to permanent) hiring offers numerous advantages for employers. The concept is also commonly called temp-to-hire, and in some cases, you may hear it referred to as “try-before-you-hire.” All of these terms make the meaning of temp-to-perm obvious: it’s a way for employers to bring in talent first on a temporary basis, without committing to a permanent offer of employment. The primary benefit for employers is that it enables them to essentially “test out” potential new hires before investing the resources and going through the process of a formal, full or part-time hire.

Why Temp-to-Perm Recruiting?

This temporary to permanent concept ensures that the candidate knows that when they sign on the dotted line, they are doing so because it’s the right move for them, not because it’s a short-term solution, or because they’re out of work and it bridges the gap. In the long run, this means that if a candidate is fully bought into your company, knows exactly why they work there and what their purpose is they can remain there for the long term, helping to shape your company’s future.

  • All candidates are fully screened by us – we authenticate qualifications, obtain references, collect and check proof of ID, references and the right to work
  • A great way to get someone started at short notice.
  • Less paperwork for you – they are our employee so we write the contract, look after their timesheets, perform appraisals and deal with any employment issues .
  • Only pay for the weeks worked – you don’t pay any additional fees if the worker were to leave .
  • A brilliant way to make sure that they are the right candidate for you.