About us

Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired, turn to Long Finch Technologies Solutions. Long Finch Technologies is a trusted source of expert talent.

Project Solutions

We’ll talk through your project and recommend the best staffing solution to achieve your goals. Our real-world experience lets us quickly grasp your goals, ask smart questions and find the right solution — fast. Recruiting, much like creativity itself, is a process. When it comes to connecting with contractor professionals who are the best of the best, our process is the best of the best, too.

Staffing Solutions

Hiring permanent employees and absorbing them into your organisation is a serious commitment, so you better make sure that you’re making this commitment to the right people. We are here to help you pick out just the right ones.
LFT’s staffing solutions give you access to fully screened and qualified candidates in any industry of your choice. We have a 200 member strong team of consultants who dedicate themselves to helping your company achieve its business objectives. Our process is fool proof and ensures that we offer our clients the best candidates at any level, with the fastest turnaround time.

Career & Job Search Services

LFT’s approach to placement services addresses the needs of both organisations as well as employees. Our services are customised to the particular needs of individuals, and offer the following benefits:

  • We equip each outgoing employee with the skills and confidence to manage changes in the most effective manner.
  • We help employees understand their skills and proficiencies, interests, and motivating factors.
  • We will coach individuals on how to make the most of networking, choosing the right jobs, interviewing, and negotiating.
  • At every step of the way, we support employees to successfully obtain new positions that are matched to their skills, interests, and needs.

Our services are tailored to offer crucial support to help employees come up with a well thought out plan for the next step in their career. By holding the networking and interviewing skills, we maximise the chances of success of each outgoing employee. If the employee is unable to find a suitable job of his or her satisfaction, we also help them be deputed on short or long-term projects till they find a permanent job.
Not only that, our placement services will help strengthen your organisation’s image as a caring, responsible, and compassionate employer.

Corporate Culture & Diversity Vision

Long Finch Technologies is committed to and has a long history of supporting a diverse workplace As a business to a huge number of employment seekers around the world, we place a premium on making a culture of incorporation to draw in, hold and build up a various ability pool. At Long Finch Technologies, a comprehensive culture includes a decent variety of acknowledgment and regard for every one of our representatives and their commitments. We endeavour to keep up a workforce that reflects, regarding decent variety, the number of inhabitants in every network where we work together. Our common estimations of decent variety, singular nobility, and shared regard mirror our unmistakable promise to assorted variety all through our association. Our fundamental objective is the incorporation of various thoughts and points of view to advance more prominent development and the best business answers for our clients. Our prosperity is straightforwardly attached to the accomplishment of our representatives.

Code of Ethics

As a state of participation in the Long Finch Technologies, every part promises its help of, and adherence to, the standards and practices set out beneath. LFT individuals recognize that such consistency is to the greatest advantage of the staffing administration industry, its customers, and its representatives. LFT individuals consent to consistently endeavour

  • To consent to all laws and guidelines appropriate to their business, and to keep up exclusive expectations of moral direction in the activity of that business and their dealings with representatives, customers, and contenders.
  • To treat all candidates and representatives with nobility and regard, and to give equivalent work openings, because of bonafide work capabilities, regardless of race, shading, religion, national source, sex, age, incapacity, or any premise denied by material law.
  • To keep up exclusive requirements of respectability in all publicizing and to dole out the best-qualified representatives to fill customers' needs.
  • To decide the experience and capabilities of candidates and representatives as the staffing firm esteems suitable to the conditions, or as might be legally necessary.
  • To disclose to representatives preceding task their pay rate, material advantages, long periods of work, and other task conditions—and to instantly pay any wages and advantages due as per the details of their business and appropriate lawful necessities.
  • To urge workers endeavours to redesign their abilities.
  • To fulfil all relevant business commitments, including the instalment of a lot of Social Security, state and government joblessness protection charges, and labourers’ pay—and to disclose to representatives that the staffing firm is in charge of such commitments.
  • To learn that representatives are doled out to work locales that are sheltered, that they comprehend the idea of the work the customer has called for and can perform such work without damage to themselves or others, and that they get any close to home security preparing and hardware that might be required.
  • To make a brief move to address representative inquiries, concerns, or grumblings concerning perilous work conditions, segregation, or some other issue including the terms and states of their business.
  • To affirm their transitory workers' times of administration upon solicitation by an ensuing manager and with the assent of the representative.
  • To watch the accompanying rules to guarantee an efficient change when assuming control over a record being adjusted by another staffing firm:
  • The active firm and its workers should, at whatever point plausible, be given sensible earlier see that the record is being moved.
  • Assigned representatives of the active firm should, at whatever point possible, be permitted to keep chipping away at the finance of the active firm for some sensible progress period; from there on, they ought to be given the decision of tolerating a task with another customer of the active firm on the off chance that one is accessible, or applying to remain in their present task with the new staffing firm.
  • These rules are dependent upon enforceable contracts between staffing firms and their customers, representatives, and different gatherings, and are not expected to preclude or demoralize some other arrangements or game plans, pleasant to the gatherings, that accomplish a deliberate exchange of records. LFT individuals are empowered, at whatever point practical, to explicitly address the terms and conditions identifying with the exchange of records in composed concurrences with their customers.