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Are you an employer seeking dependable Talent?

Whether you are currently conducting the process for recruiting, looking for advice on the recruitment trends or want to source information on the dependable salary rates, we are here to help. At Long Finch Technologies, we believe in delivering simplified IT Talent Acquisition Solutions meeting your business needs and requirements.

Finding the right talent for your business will curate for an immediate influence on your organization. Over the years, we have associated with the best companies, industries, innovators as well as startups to support them and help them find their long term as well as short term requirements. As an employer, we understand your need for delving into finding the right dependable talent for the enhancement of the growth and development of your organization. At LFT, we have developed the reputation of providing you with the best talent acquisition services and opting the best practices of hiring dependable talent.

Let LFT help you in finding the right talent, meeting your business needs and requirements. Also, we will let you discover the special service areas where we have a greater depth of knowledge and experience. LFT has experience and expertise in seeking the best tech talent. Talk to us regarding your needs and the industry you belong to, we at LFT let you hire the dependable talent enhancing your business brand.

Our team

Our people belongs to a talented and technically capable team.
At LFT, we have associated with a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals who are immensely talented and technically capable. Our professional experts delve into understanding the requirements of your recruitment proceedings and do the in meeting your expectation. We have the experience and understanding in acquiring the knowledge of the enhanced technologies though different career experiences, coaching, training and working in collaboration.

Our Vision

Our people belongs to a talented and technically capable team. LFT believe in professing the best for the niche industries that we are working on. We believe in the development and enlarging of our niche to providing the exemplary technology talent to the niche industries. This will further mark the route to providing a competitive edge over our top competitors. Through our robust recruitment process, we hold the values of the business/organization to presenting them with the domain-specific talent.

Why Choose long finch technologies?

We Value Every Customer

We value and understand the requirements of our customers. We conduct robust recruiting process to maintain our reputation and meet the expectations of our customers in finding the dependable technology talent that will provide to be an influence on the organization or the brand.


Robust Recruitment Process

Your wish is our command. We understand how important it is to find the right talent for your organization. We venture through robust proceedings for hiring the best technology professional who will create an impact on your business venture.


Recruitment Solution For Most IT Domain

With the help of our experienced team of professionals, you will be able to enjoy a proper working balance. Whether you are a developing firm, larger enterprise or a startup, LFT is here to provide you with the best candidates for your business functionality.


Emergency Recruitment Process

Our team is always available to offer you support with emergency recruitment proceedings. If you are looking forward to hiring employees on an immediate basis, we are always happy to provide you in meeting your expectation.

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